My Darling

My best friend, my sweet and precious soul, my darling…


I’ll start where I can remember. Grandma and Gramps used to take care of my sister, Sissy, and me. Most of what I remember is them bringing us to our little private school everyday and then coming back to give us lunch at lunch time and then waiting in the carpool line to pick us up at the end of the school day (guess me and sissy were some demanding kids). They also drove the both of us to piano lessons that were about 45 minutes away and they would wait 2 hours for us while each one of us had a piano lesson. This was only once a week. They also would pick me up and drive me to gymnastics. Now, let me tell you, I lived at my gym. Literally. It was a full time job for a little 10 year old. 36 hours a week in the gym…yeah (I’ll write about sports in another post). Grandma would bring me shrimp and collards mixed together in tupperwear. That was one of my FAVS. So I ate that a lot. Grandpa drove (a whopping speed of 35 miles per hour) which drove me nuts when I was late for practice (which was rare because gramps is so punctual. Gramps was the type of driver to come to a halting stop, turn his blinker on, and turn into the driveway. Funny little old man he was. All that to say that they both played a big part in our day to day life. They took care of us.


66 years strong


This was a long time ago at my dads old house. I had to be in middle school and sissy beginning high school

On holidays they would spend their time at my dad’s house (they were his parents) and then spend a few hours over at my mom’s house. As time went on they slowly could not make it up the stairs anymore to get into the house. We’d wheel my grandmother around the back of the house while gramps would very slowly make his way up the five stairs that led into my dad’s house. As push came to shove, they could no longer leave their house without a lot of pain and hassle. So at time, we would bring their food and gifts to them.

Now a days, Grandma and Gramps stay in the house quite a bit. I go over weekly if not more to see them. My grandma is very sick and lives in so much pain. The pain is healing but the process is hard to watch. The tables have turned now and it’s my turn to take care of her, to be there for her. I used to go over there and Grandma and I would just chat and chat while the time flew by. That soon began to turn into me talking and her listening with an occasional word. Now, we quietly sit together, holding hands and loving each other. Grandma has always remembered who I am when she sees me even though she has Alzheimers. Lately, it takes her a while to realize who I am. I’ll kiss her and say “Hey Grandma, how are you, it’s me.” In return, I see a blank face with a stare that shows her trying to figure out who I am. All I have to say is, “Grandma it’s me, your granddaughter. Your baby. Remember, we are best friends?” And without fail, every time, she then looks at me and says “Oh my darling” and gives me kisses. Though she may not grasp fully who I am or how we are connected, she knows that we hold something special between us. And no matter how old she gets, I believe she will always know that. Grandma holds a special place in my heart that no one will ever be able to match. I love her, she is my best friend, my sweet precious soul…my darling.


I always pull up my chair right next to hers so I can be close to her


It’s hard to see someone so strong become like a child again.


My darling ❤

Daisy Update : She’s becoming a pro at not going to the bathroom in her pen but waiting until I get home to take her out instead. Success! I also gave her a bath yesterday which made me extremely happy. Now she smells like daisies. 🙂


Daisy discovered her first Dandelion

One thought on “My Darling

  1. I so love this. Miss her so much. I’m worried she won’t remember me when I get back. GIve her kisses for me. Thank you for being the best granddaughter ever. I know she loves you to pieces. And I love you to pieces too ❤


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