Try and Stop Me

What do you do when you can’t do anything about your situation? I love track and field. I did it all throughout high school and into college as well. The only thing was, I ended up having two hip surgeries in the span of 7 months. That really put a damper on my plans to run. Long story short, through PT one hip got better and the other hip was having complications. So I decided to leave and come back home since I could no longer run (by the way, I was up in Iowa City when all of this happened. Don’t be too quick to judge Iowa because Iowa City is beautiful, go look it up! But yeah, the rest of it is all corn…) I was having a hard time when I got back and I was mad that all this happened to me. My solution was not to workout the whole year. I hated anything that had to do with getting fit.

Now, I’m still in love with track and I am still in love with exercising (don’t know what I was thinking to try to hate it! I’m an exercise addict)! I started training again and my hips were fine and we were ready to go to meets and compete. I was ECSTATIC! But then, (there is always a but) my hips started to hurt me again. It got worse and worse. I was trying not to believe it but I couldn’t because it wouldn’t go away. We did every stretch and strengthening exercise in the book to try to help it. But that wasn’t doing it. I end up going to a surgeon down in Smyrna, Georgia, he’s great. We took X-rays, CT scans, and all that other jazz to look at what was going on in my hips. Come to find out, the surgeon who did my first two surgeries did them WRONG (No darn wonder I was having constant pain). I don’t want to get into all the details because I don’t want to put the whole situation out in the open. So then, we are looking if we can find any way to fix what the surgeon messed up. I’ve been to three different surgeons, and they all say there is no guarantee of what they will find in there and be able to do to fix it. Some even said they said they’ve never run into this problem ever before (WHAT! I’m doomed). Two surgeons then recommended a surgeon in St. Louis. I sent him all my reports and images and he looked at them (it took sooo long for them to get back with me, but they did, which I am thankful for) and said that it is likely surgery would be a good option. So that’s where I am in the present moment. Waiting to go to St. Louis next month. My coaches help me keep my head up and I am so thankful that they are here during this process – I wouldn’t be where I am without them. It can get very discouraging at times because track was my outlet. If I’m not feeling well, I’ll go to practice, If I’m mad, I’ll go practice, If I’m anything, I’ll go practice. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a new outlet. I’ve tried painting, writing, and now I’m taking ASL (American Sign Language) classes ( I want to be able to work with Deaf patients once I become an occupational therapist). I really enjoy that class. I’m looking at piano and cycling classes. There’s not a lot of exercising I can do because my hips are involved in everything! And I don’t want to just workout my arms. I already have enough muscle on my arms as it is, I’m not trying to get anymore…that’s for sure. Either way, I’m not giving up! The enemy has thrown SO many curve balls at me so I guess I am doing something right 🙂 Never Give Up ( according to Yolanda Adams song). There is something waiting for you at the end – it’ll all be worth it.

So yes, that is where I am at now and I would very much so appreciate your prayers. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) God’s plans are totally different from what we picture. So really, it’s about trusting Him that He knows what He’s doing, and with my former experiences with God, He definitely knows what He’s doing 🙂


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One thought on “Try and Stop Me

  1. You are an inspiration to many of us and you must continue forward.. You know when the Devil is messing Gods working on his greatest of blessings.. I guarantee you that at the end of this road you are going to look back and say “I’m a CHAMP” and what I thought was hard was actually the Lord inspiring and preparing me to inspire others… So proud of you and you inspire me to continue moving forward no matter how dreary the situation may look at the time.. Thank You and love you..


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