Sister Friends

Looking back on the past three weeks, I can proudly say that I have some of the best sister friends ever. Ladies, if you don’t know, women need women, sisters need sisters. It’s great having guy friends, I’ve got my bunch of them, too. But when it comes down to affection, comfort, love and warmth in time of need, there is nothing that matches having a sister friend to slump on the couch with; eat endless amounts of ice cream with, talk on the phone until emotions get sorted out and prayed for, get held while you cry and cry, talk about the same thing that’s bothering you every 30 minutes without ever having to worry about them being annoyed.  Those are true sister friends. Some women think they don’t need other women because all they do is create drama. Yes, I will not even try to argue the point that women can be filled with all types of drama, but when God puts that/those right ones in your life nothing can match that feeling of being completely understood with love and empathy right around the corner.

Now guys, don’t get defensive or anything, you all do your part very well. But I must say I love my girls.

Women can lift each other up in a way that no man can. There is something about getting together with other women who have been through what you’ve been through and know EXACTLY what you are feeling and know EXACTLY how to love you through it. My mom always taught me that we girls need each other and even when relationships with men hit the scene, never forget the women who have loved you through everything and who open their hearts to you just as you do to them. I count myself very very blessed to have the sister friends I have. Through these past three weeks, I know that God’s got me because of the special women He has put it my life.

I have to put a special something here for my dear sister, Sherri-Anne and my cousins. There is no way I would have made it through without all of you by my side. We needed each other more than ever this month and I’m so glad we were able to stand side by side. Grandma wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, she would have wanted us all together, so let’s stay together. I love you all very much.

Daisy update: She’s been sleeping with me in my room more lately. I haven’t wanted to be alone so I keep her around more often (as if we aren’t already always together)


This is us before heading downtown!