Mt. Everest


There are three types of people who go up the mountain.

  1. Quitters
  2. Campers
  3. Climbers

Imagine getting ready to climb a beautiful mountain (I couldn’t name one because I don’t actually climb real mountains – tehe) From the bottom, you look up and you’re in awe of God’s creation. With a spirit ready to conquer the mountain, you begin to climb. When the journey up the mountain starts, you’re in good spirits! You’ve got your friends with you and you’re chatting, joking, and laughing with one another. Say you get 1/2 way up the mountain. You all stop to rest. Your friend on the left has been complaining most of the way up the mountain and your friend on the right keeps being all dramatic and laying down on the ground saying “Oh, I’m so tired, I can no longer go on” (lol – you know you have those dramatic friends). You and the friend behind you are both tired too but you pull out your water bottles to drink water to get rehydrated. Your friend on the left decides to go back down because he/she doesn’t see the point of struggling to get to the top. “It’s just a mountain” he/she says. So you’re down one. You all keep climbing and make it 3/4 of the way up. Your friend on the right collapses on a rock and tells you two to go on with out her and she’ll catch you guys on the way back down. So now it’s just you and the friend behind you. The rest of the way up you two keep switching positions, you were in front while they were behind you and now they are in front and you are behind them. When you  see the peak, you two are side by side so excited to stand on the top of the mountain. You made it!! You stand at the top and look all around you and realize how much more beautiful the mountain is from the top, and not only that, you can see all the beauty far out and around the mountain. You think to yourself “I’m so glad I’m here”.

It is the same way in a believer’s walk. God can put a dream in your heart and the picture of it looks beautiful; but when you start the journey to reach that dream, you hit a lot of bumps a long the way. Throughout the journey to your dream, you meet people who only feed negative thoughts to you, people who want to reach the dream with you but get tired of trying and trying over and over again because it seems to be so many obstacles a long the way. And sometimes, that will leave you with a small support group to reach your dream and sometimes the only one left reaching for it is you.

Whether it is a friend, family member, mentor or coach who is the only one climbing the mountain with you. Throughout the journey they are there behind you to support you and keep pushing you up while other times you are the ones encouraging them to keep having faith that you all will get there. And then, there are times with the two or three of you are all walking side by side in agreement with the dream and determined to overcome each obstacle to get there. And even when you feel you may be the only one who is reaching for it, God will always go before you, have your back, and stand beside you along the way.

You remember the 4 friends above? The friend on the left quit, the friend on the right decided to make a nice little comfortable place to rest and stay until you got back; while you and the other friend kept climbing. What I’m trying to say is that when you are on a mountain in your spiritual and/or physical life, you have three choices of what you are going to decide to do. We truly are able to see what type of person we are when we climb our own mountains.

Oh! And remember, you can’t make it up the mountain if you keep looking back at base camp. As they were walking along the road  a man said to Him, ” I will follow you wherever you go.” He said to another man, “follow me.” And the man replied okay but first let me go bury my father…still another man said “I will follow you Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:57-62
We can’t keep looking back my friends and expect to move forward. The only way to make it is to look up and ahead and to keep on climbing. Believe in yourself, for I believe in you and I believe in me and God believes in us because we have Him. So we’re set. Keep on climbing my friends, keep on climbing. 

Daisy Update: She’s been sick the past couple of days, poor baby. But we went to the doctor and she’s slowly recovering. She has been showing her affectionate side lately, always wants to be in my lap. She even decides to make it on my lap somehow even if I’m studying. Apparently, she likes to study with me (personally I think she is just there for moral support)