Definition of Love (by Me)

Look me in my eyes,

And tell me what you see.

You can open up my heart but you’ll find…it’s empty

So Love I ask you,

Do not come to me.

See, you’ve already done enough

so please leave me be.

Opening up my heart

And jumping in and out

You think it’s okay…but I have my doubts.

People believe it’s a temporary thing.

But Love,

For me,

It’s what I wait for yet what I see.

I have a hidden bride inside that’s waiting to be.

My groom is not to be found

yet my heart to him I want to be bound.

So how can I truly know what love means?

This love will be genuine

Deep, pure, and true.

This loves what I long for until the moment I say, “I do”.

How I hope and I wait til’ we two come a pair


I’m thinking…

How I’ve thought of my husband time here and time there

but how I’ve not realized it’s Your Love I’ve not declared.

How my heart is not prepared for this open Love affair,

For You are the true Lover of my heart and Lover of my soul

Yet still,

I let my interior unfold and believe its my husband who will make me whole.

How I have mistaken his love for the perfect love that YOU give.

But how grateful I am to know that You’re around and You live!

Inside me You are, You live yes You do,

For You are the only one I will give my mind, heart, body, soul and life to.

Yet still, these desires unwind in my mind,

Twisted and tangled, everywhere they fall.

But You pick them up and You reassure me that You can fulfill them all.

How I all these years have looked past Your Love

Not knowing the true gift, given to me, from above.

How my heart is relieved

and a deep sigh is let free

Because I know my true Love is actually found

in You.

So look me in my eyes,

and now tell me what you see,

Because all this time, I now realize, that Love was looking straight at me.

Sea Star

My second favorite animal. A Sea Star. They have the ability to grow their arms if severed and sometimes even from a severed arm a whole new Sea Star can emerge. I love that whole concept because the Sea Star, so to speak, cannot die. If injured, with time, they will grow back, and keep growing back every time something attacks them. No matter what the enemy tries to attack you with, know that you can “grow back” from it. He’s going to keep trying and trying to tear us apart, but know that with God, we can never die. We continue to get back up and live an even better life once we grow from our past.

Daisy Update: She’s got a new favorite toy, it’s this light up bouncy ball that is too big to fit in her mouth. It’s quite entertaining to watch. Funny little girl she is. 


It was as if I was running a race. I was in first place and I got about a quarter of the way around the track and I tripped and fell. I looked up and watched as all the other runners passed me. I put my head down. I had such a good momentum going, and now it’s over. Then God said, “Get Up!” I lifted my head and saw how far out the other runners were. I told God “I can’t catch up with them, they are too far out now.” Then God boldly stated, “I will restore everything you lost, I will have compassion on you; I’ll come and pick up all the pieces from all the places where you have been scattered. No matter how far away you end up, I will bring you back to the land that belonged to your ancestors and you will posses that land again. And I will make you even more prosperous than your ancestors before you!” I stopped and wondered what the heck that had to do with my situation. Then it clicked. He will make up for my lost time! And not only would he bring me back to where I was but he would bring me even further – to even greater heights. I got up, dusted myself off and put one foot in front of the other. As I began running again, I apologized to God for doubting that He could not get me back to where I was…he stopped me and said “Even though you doubted, you did not quit and I am proud of you for that.” So now I know, I have no reason to doubt and I have all the reason to be confident that God will restore me and bring me to even greater things.

P.S. I’m making my way back to 1st place 🙂

Daisy Update: Surprisingly, nothing new.

Faith Your Way Out!


Have you ever thought of faith as a verb instead of just any old word?

If you think about it, faith is always “moving” – imagine with me for a second: Faith (she) is a person. Faith loves to run around and go for one thing after the next. If Faith isn’t going to work, Faith is going to church. If Faith isn’t going to church, Faith is going to soccer practice, the grocery store or the neighbors house. Faith is always on the go. Not only that but when Faith finishes up at one place, she’ll say “Alright time to go to the next place, let’s get moving!” Now let’s say doubt, fear and anxiety is another person who we will name Troubles (he). Now Troubles is always jealous of Faith and he wants to make her just like him so he doesn’t feel so insecure about himself. If he can make her just like him, he won’t have to worry about her and what she is doing and what he is not doing. Troubles sees how fast she’s moving, going from one place to the next and how happy she is doing it! Troubles tends to move slower and is rarely happy – he is always complaining about his “troubles.” Anytime Faith and Troubles cross paths, Troubles tries to grab Faith to stop and talk to her but he can’t because Faith seems as if she is on a mission and is determined to get to her next destination, she doesn’t have time to stop and talk with Troubles.

Guess what I am about to say? It’s the same thing with us! Our faith should always be moving from one area of our life to the next. If faith grows stagnant, faith will begin to move slower and eventually will probably stop moving. Our faith needs an assignment! Just like Faith in the story had different places she needed to go, our faith needs somewhere to go. Find a situation in your life that you can attach your faith to and let your faith begin to move.

A verse that was brought up by a guest speaker at my church the other night was this, “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17 – So not only do we need to SPEAK faith but our faith needs to HEAR the word! When faith hears the word, faith begins to move! Faith in the story always said what? “Alright time to go to the next place, let’s get moving!” God’s got great things for us in front of us, not behind us. “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now is springs forward, do you not perceive it? I am making a way…” – Isaiah 43:18-19

Think of Troubles as the Enemy. The enemy wants to stop us and talk to us, to consider his way of life. The reason he does that is because he sees how much our faith is moving and he gets nervous when we put our faith into action. When our faith is stagnant, he isn’t bothered because we aren’t going anywhere. But when it begins to move the enemy notices it and tries to throw doubt, anxiety and fear in our path. BUT when we speak the word of God over our lives, our faith can’t help but move! So “Keep the Faith” (Michael Jackson song!) moving my friends . Let’s give our faith an assignment!

“Keep the Faith by MJ – Just for fun:


And I caught his coat…

This shouldn’t be much of a long post, but it’s something that grabbed my attention this morning. When I go through life I tend to grab hold of the things in front of me that “seem” promising. What I mean by that is I will dive into a “something” and hold onto it for dear life. Let me just go ahead and tell you, that I’ve learned – the long and hard way – that holding onto a “something” is a set up for failure. “Somethings” NEVER last! But there is a Someone who will. There are times I find myself on the ground crawling because what I thought I could hold on to fell through the cracks and I was left hopeless. But then I saw Jesus walking and I reached for his coat…

Don’t ever let go of the Lord. Don’t hold onto anything else. If we do (which there is a 100% chance that we will) he is ALWAYS in reaching distance. Grab his coat. Tug on it. I guarantee you He will be there.

Daisy Update: She tolerates me more than I have to tolerate her sometimes (hence the stare she’s giving me). I’m also teaching her to sit down by me when I’m reading the bible out loud so we can read it together. Still a working progress