And I caught his coat…

This shouldn’t be much of a long post, but it’s something that grabbed my attention this morning. When I go through life I tend to grab hold of the things in front of me that “seem” promising. What I mean by that is I will dive into a “something” and hold onto it for dear life. Let me just go ahead and tell you, that I’ve learned – the long and hard way – that holding onto a “something” is a set up for failure. “Somethings” NEVER last! But there is a Someone who will. There are times I find myself on the ground crawling because what I thought I could hold on to fell through the cracks and I was left hopeless. But then I saw Jesus walking and I reached for his coat…

Don’t ever let go of the Lord. Don’t hold onto anything else. If we do (which there is a 100% chance that we will) he is ALWAYS in reaching distance. Grab his coat. Tug on it. I guarantee you He will be there.

Daisy Update: She tolerates me more than I have to tolerate her sometimes (hence the stare she’s giving me). I’m also teaching her to sit down by me when I’m reading the bible out loud so we can read it together. Still a working progress



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