Definition of Love (by Me)

Look me in my eyes,

And tell me what you see.

You can open up my heart but you’ll find…it’s empty

So Love I ask you,

Do not come to me.

See, you’ve already done enough

so please leave me be.

Opening up my heart

And jumping in and out

You think it’s okay…but I have my doubts.

People believe it’s a temporary thing.

But Love,

For me,

It’s what I wait for yet what I see.

I have a hidden bride inside that’s waiting to be.

My groom is not to be found

yet my heart to him I want to be bound.

So how can I truly know what love means?

This love will be genuine

Deep, pure, and true.

This loves what I long for until the moment I say, “I do”.

How I hope and I wait til’ we two come a pair


I’m thinking…

How I’ve thought of my husband time here and time there

but how I’ve not realized it’s Your Love I’ve not declared.

How my heart is not prepared for this open Love affair,

For You are the true Lover of my heart and Lover of my soul

Yet still,

I let my interior unfold and believe its my husband who will make me whole.

How I have mistaken his love for the perfect love that YOU give.

But how grateful I am to know that You’re around and You live!

Inside me You are, You live yes You do,

For You are the only one I will give my mind, heart, body, soul and life to.

Yet still, these desires unwind in my mind,

Twisted and tangled, everywhere they fall.

But You pick them up and You reassure me that You can fulfill them all.

How I all these years have looked past Your Love

Not knowing the true gift, given to me, from above.

How my heart is relieved

and a deep sigh is let free

Because I know my true Love is actually found

in You.

So look me in my eyes,

and now tell me what you see,

Because all this time, I now realize, that Love was looking straight at me.

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