What is the greatest comeback of all time? Is it Muhammad Ali? Could it be the Philly Flyers who came back from the Bruins in 2010?

In 2001, Sports Illustrated released an article on the top 10 greatest comebacks of all time.

Greatest Combacks of All Time.jpg

They’ve got Elvis, Muhammad Ali and even Michael Jordan up there. But do you see who made it to the number one spot? You’re seeing right. It’s my main man Jesus right there. A non christian magazine named Jesus to have the greatest comeback of all time. That’s what we’re looking at here.

It’s never too late for a comeback. Well, actually I take that back. I mean if you are like 90 years old and you’re trying to make it back to Olympics or something that’s kind of a different story. But let’s just stick with the idea that it’s never too late for a comeback.

There are so many examples of comebacks not only in the world we live in but also in the bible. Look at Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. After they saw and witnessed Jesus die they were in a GREAT amount of despair. Imagine: A man who says he is the Messiah they’ve been looking for, this man becomes everything you look up to  and then you watch him die a brutal death right in front of your eyes for nothing he has done. If that were me, that would definitely be a reason to lose hope. Imagine with me again: the next day you go back to mourn and weep some more at his tomb only to encounter an Angel who tells you He is alive….hello doubt. That’s unreal. 1. Where in the world did this angel come from and 2. We watched him die and get put into that tomb. When they were told to look in the tomb, they did not see Him! The angel then told them to go and look for Him. Matthew 28:8 says “So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy and ran to tell his disciples.” Have you ever been in a situation where you felt SO EXCITED because you saw someone or something happened in your life that you don’t believe it’s real? Kind of like that “No Way! This cannot be happening, it’s too good to be true” type thought. Well, I guarantee you that is what the two women were thinking on their way to tell the disciples.

Though this example of the two Marys isn’t your typical comeback story – they came back from despair and were again filled with joy. And their comeback happened because of Jesus’ comeback. So who knows how your comeback can affect other people in a positive way. Don’t ever have so much doubt that you lose hope because if you lose hope, you lose everything. The Marys lost hope. But Jesus. We can come back from anything because of the comeback our Lord Jesus had from the grave. People ask me what my inspiration is of why I’m not giving up or still have hope…it’s because of my Jesus. He made a HUGE comeback, so there is no reason that I cannot make one hell of a comeback too.

Daisy Update: It’s been a long while since I’ve updated you in my little girl. She’s doing great! Has some cute new outfits and still LOVES to play. She was the life of the party when we went to a dog party a little while ago. She’s getting bigger too. She’s 11.5lbs now!



Oh Yeah…

I almost forgot.

We were talking and laughing on the phone and my friend had something to tell me. “Brace yourself, Rose, are you ready?” I responded cheerfully not knowing what was going to be said next was so serious. “I’m braced! Go ahead,” I said. “So…I may not be coming back to Georgia for longer than I thought. After training I’ll be stationed wherever they decide to put me, and I don’t know for how long.” Silence took over the conversation. I didn’t know what to say. “I could be stationed in the states or even in other countries,” my friend said. As I sat on the other side of the phone my mind was spinning round and round like a ferris wheel, only 10x faster. I knew myself. Being away from someone who is so close that I care about tremendously doesn’t do me well. I’ve tried it before. Especially if there is no set timeframe…my smile began to drop. I scooted my rolly chair back and put my feet up on the desk as I rested my head on the cushion of the chair. “Not again. It’s always something.” I thought. “Are you okay?” I heard my friend quietly say over the phone. I forgot silence had taken over the conversation. I said I was fine, I was just thinking. My friend had to go. We got off the phone and I hopped in my car and started driving. “What’s the point of ever getting excited about something?  I asked God. “If it’s just going to be taken away or a disappointment what’s the point?” I was frustrated, annoyed and a little angry, too. As I continued to drive I put on my music thinking it would help my mood. I put on Lecrae and Andy Mineo since they are perfect for any occasion and I figured I would just get myself hyped up on Jesus hoping that would distract me from what just happened. As I sang carelessly through the next few songs the Spirit touched me and reminded me of something I’ve repeatedly learned throughout my years. The Lord said, “Don’t let your excitement of something outside of Me overwhelm you so much that you forget about Me. I give you blessing so you can be excited and joyful, but don’t forget Who gave it to you.” Of course. I’m notorious for attaching myself to people and situations that when it fails I become very disappointed and have to build myself back up again from the ground up. “Not this time,” I mumbled. “Don’t force anything. Let things be what they are and if they have to change, let them. It’s okay to be disappointed. But learn to accept it, let it go, and keep moving forward with a positive attitude.” I instantaneously became determined not to let this shake me so bad that I would have to start building myself up from the ground again. I haven’t talked to my friend since but hopefully I will soon. Sometimes things don’t turn out like we want them to, but just like for me, don’t forget Whom everything comes from because He is the real source of any excitement we ever experience anyway.