Why Even Pray?

Do you ever feel like you pray and God hears you but you feel like you can’t hear Him? It takes away the power in prayer. Why pray when I won’t be able to hear God anyway; and why pray when you’ve prayed before, thought you heard God, and things still ended up badly? What then?  It’s a discouraging place to be in. I’ve struggled with this the past couple weeks.
I was able to speak with one of my close close friends and this is what I got out of it.
She told me she heard the phrase “new levels means new devils.” Clever. She reminded me that there is a battle going on inside of me. For some reason, I had completely forgotten. Doubt, frustration, etc, is exactly what Satan wants…and I’m giving it right to him. It’s a spiritual war. I can’t get through a war without weapons, without knowledge of my army’s plan, without a General. I realized I was a soldier not ready for battle, yet I was on the battlefield. Not to mention getting attacked. 

She told me prayer, music, reading, honesty is what I needed and I couldn’t agree more. We all go through rough roads, I guess this is just a bump in mine.

Daisy update: She’s fabulous as always. She eats more of human food than her food. Definitely not my fault.


At the April dog party!