The World can Change Their Hearts. 

Scars are beautiful. 

Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. 

We all have them. 

And for some reason, many people find them ugly. 

They’re wrong.

Because we go through things and each person is unique and each situation is different each scar means something special. Whether it came from physical, mental, or spiritual hurt, it makes our story our story. Don’t be afraid to share your story, because the story of your scars just may heal the scars in someone else’s story . 

Daisy Update: no pictures this time but she did survive the weekend at my best friends house. My best friend has an evil cat and I spent the weekend at her house. It was quite the weekend, quite the battles. Let’s just say I’ll never be sending Daisy over to anyone to defend me. 

I Will Find Me

The essence of who I am 

is who I’m called to be by the great Almighty. 

In His hands my life lies

Pulling away from all the tangled knots that were tied during late nights

spent crying because of bought into foolish lies.

The enemy crouched like a lion to sit there and pry,

just as I were his prey

waiting to defeat me and step on the ground where I lay.

Those were the days, running astray, moving farther and farther away from the One who loved me best

As He watched me run to others to try and find rest. 

Acceptance and love from a broken word

is where I tried to be whole,

thought it would complete my soul, 

but it just left me.

A girl without pearls, 

running through the wide open gates

looking past the stray and narrow because I didn’t want to wait.

Being unsure of my fate…

He suddenly met me, 

where I had fallen on my knees

Tired and Weary, truly knowing my only rest was in Thee.

How my heart had been longing and wishing to stay true

to the One who’d always loved me, 

Whose love forever new. 

Healed scars are the remains of the past that I held

Moving forward in grace, 

at a slow and steady place, where I know nothing but to excel.

The essence of who I am 

is who I’m called to be. 

Approaching my destiny, 

in the Almighty, 

is where I will find me. 


DAISY UPDATE: She’s good! I decided to get her hair cut differently and now she actually looks like a girl! She’s so spoiled. Ugh. I realize this is my fault. smh. We are getting ready to move to a new apt so I’m interested to see how she adapts to this new lifestyle.