Turn Your Pain into Power

Here is my thought for today:

Our problems can either make us bitter or better. You are better having gone through pain, if you learn something then if you had never gone through it at all. Turn your pain into power!

This past week has been one of an emotional roller coaster for me. When I was younger I always heard, “you can learn by listening or by experience.” Well, this time around I learned by experience. I had some time with God yesterday and He reminded me, “Shannen-Rose, no! you will never be perfect by human standards BUT you are perfect in my eyes. When I made you I knew the things you would do, good and bad, but there is so much hope and so much more for you I just want you to learn from the bad experiences to help it build you into a better person than you were the day before.”

There are those people out there who judge us because of the things we do. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t take the time to think about the things that may be going on in that persons life. Now, that doesn’t excuse any bad behavior but it can teach us compassion to pray for them and share our love with them. God made us for each other. Iron sharpens iron. We need each other. We need each other to call us out on whats wrong but also love us and help us to get to what’s right BUT be careful, never help someone else more than they are willing to help themselves. It’s all about seeing the heart my friends.

I love me some God time.

Stay encouraged my friends!